Kicked off the 2015 Mountain Bike Tour Season April 2 with a group of 6 Australians. These guys were on a 28 day cross country tour with PEAK tour company. They started in LA and in 28 days are going to Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Durango, Amarillo, New Orleans, Key West, Miami, Charlotte, DC, New York, and stops in between. While in Durango the group was looking for some exciting and fun things to do, and naturally they wanted to check out the world famous mountain biking in Durango. Who better to show them what we have to offer than Durango Mountain Bike Tours. With a range of abilities levels we settled on the town and trails tour, covering 15 miles and 1,100 feet elevation gain. We rode Perins Gulch, Crestview, Englehearts and Neds Hill in Overend Mountain Park. Familiarized them with the town along the River trail and around historic 3rd avenue, and hit up Meadow loop in Horse Gulch. Gave the boys the low down on the 6 breweries Durango now offers and said adios. Looking forward to working with PEAK all summer and fall providing an exciting and fun time for their clients.

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