I first met Andrew last summer when he came to town and booked a few tours. His in-laws have a place in Durango so he and his family make their way back often. He was in town for a week and we hooked up for several rides. Andrew lives in California near Davis (“about 2-3 hours from most places”). He has been putting the time in the saddle since last summer, and it showed. On Sunday we rode over 20 miles and 2,600 feet of climbing all through Twin Buttes, including the climb up the Hogs Back in Overend Mountain Park.IMG_4095 IMG_4119 IMG_4101 IMG_4096IMG_4227 1IMG_4228 1IMG_4229 IMG_4242 IMG_4241 IMG_4240 IMG_4239 IMG_4238 IMG_4237 IMG_4236 IMG_4235 IMG_4234 IMG_4233 IMG_4232 IMG_4231 IMG_4230