I was super stoked to take Dan, a very strong rider,  out on a four hour tour this week. An architect from Seattle, Dan does his fair share of riding in the great state of Washington. He logs tons of commuter miles to the office, as well as getting in some great rides out in the mountains. We tore up Overend Mountain Park ripping trails like Hidden Valley, Star Wars, 8 Bells, Hogs Foot and Spirit before popping out and heading over to the Gulch. Once up and over the climb that is Telegraph, we are greeted with the nearly 1,000 foot decent raging down Yellow Brick Road, Side Winder, Cowboy and Big Canyon. Dan led the way down Sidewinder and Cowboy, resulting in some great Go Pro footage of him slaying the trails. At the end of the day we ended up doing just under 25 miles and 2,400 feet elevation gain. With in-laws living near by in Aztec, NM, I’m sure we will be seeing much more of Dan. It was awesome riding with him and pretty sure he had a Blast!

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