My buddy Bart told me his cousin was coming to visit and asked if I could take him out, show him the trails. Steven, who lives in Missouri now,  started mountain biking about a year ago. However, after seeing him ride, you would think he has been biking much longer. We ended up doing a double, riding 2 hours in the morning through Overend Mountain Park, then hooking up later in the day to ride Horse Gulch and Grandview. Everything was great up until we got hit with a rain and hail storm on Sidewinder that turned the trail into some concrete mud, bringing our bikes to a halt. A short carry of the bike to more cooperative soil, some work to clear the mud off our tires, and we were back on our way. We ended up riding about 27 miles and 2,700 feet elevation gain. Steven is in town through next week so we have plans to keep riding.

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