Rode with one of the most fun and energetic clients ever yesterday. Eric, aka @winstonthewolf1287 (Instagram) is a college student from the University of Arkansas in town on vacation with his family. While he hasn’t had a ton of experience mountain biking per say, he is a really skilled BMX freestyle rider with excellent bike handling and downhill skills. Some of the uphill climbs were a challenge, but he was right on my tail on the downhills. We even checked out the new dirt jump line where Eric caught some major air. The Yeti SB66 bike he was riding from Second Ave Sports provided him the perfect vehicle for our 14.5 miles tour with almost 1,600 feet elevation gain. Best of luck to The Wolf in school as he pursues his mechanical engineering degree. I hope we get a chance to ride and hang out again. IMG_5961 IMG_5960 IMG_5959 IMG_5958 IMG_5957 IMG_5956 IMG_5955 IMG_5954 IMG_5953 IMG_5952 IMG_5951 IMG_5950 IMG_5949 IMG_5944 IMG_5943