I was able to escape the snow and cold in Durango by traveling west to the desert of Moab, Utah to get in some mountain biking. I stopped by Moab Cyclery to ask about some trail conditions and was told about a new trail system north of town along highway 113, Navajo Rocks. About 3 miles up the road I pulled off to the trail head of Ramblin to start the ride. It was a sunny day warming up to a balmy high of 62, perfect riding weather. The Navajo Rocks trails are made up of 5 different trails 3 to 4 miles each. They can be pieced together in a number of ways and ridden  in different directions to create multiple routes. I rode counter clockwise starting with Ramblin to Big Mesa, a portion on Big Lonely to Coney Island, then cutting out to the road on Middle Earth. It was still early and there was plenty of snow on many parts of the trail. All told I rode 14 miles, then added another 10 miles on an out and back on Cane Creek Rd. It won’t be long before mountain bIke season is here. I can’t wait.





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