I live my life with three seasons each year (with some overlap). End of February through mid May is Lacrosse Season. Coaching the Durango High School Lacrosse team is an honor and privilege. Mountain Bike season runs Mid May through End of November. I moved to Durango 23 years ago for the mountain biking and it remains a passion of mine that guides me through life. I am fortunate enough to own my own Mountain Bike Tour Company, as well as run a mountain bike program for kids as part of my “full Time” job. I get paid to Ride!. Then Snowboard season runs End of November through End of March. I’ve had over 80 days on the board the last three seasons between teaching at Purgatory and running all the ski and snowboard lessons at Chapman Hill. The fact that I get to do all these things with my wife, kids, and friends all year long is AMAZING! Here are some pics from Lacrosse Season!. The MTB Tour season is beginning.

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