Kelly and Lee Harris are living some peoples dream. They left their 9-5 jobs, sold their house, bought a Sprinter van, decked it out, and now live out of it traveling the country in search of new adventures and blog about it. The couple started Get Some Adventures, whose mission is “to provide outdoor enthusiasts with inspiring adventure ideas and the resources they need to make planning trips easy and affordable. Their web site is They contacted me saying they were coming to Durango to write a destination guide on our town and wanted to focus on Durango Mountain Bike Tours as a bike guide company, among other activities. I was more than happy to oblige. Kelly and Lee were definitely strong riders and I was able to show them some of our prime time trails in Overend Mountain Park and Twin Buttes. We rode over 4 hours and covered close to 20  miles and 1,600 feet elevation gain. I am looking forward to seeing the final write up from GSA, and will share it here on the blog. I will also be following Get Some Adventures on Facebook and Instagram (@getsomeadventures), living vicariously through their blog and checking out their adventures.

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