A mother and daughter duo from Holland were visiting the states on a tour that took them from San Fransico, to Yosemite, Las Vegas, Brice Canyon, Zion, Moab, and then Durango. After arriving at the Durango Downtown Inn, they wanted some adventure and saw my rack card in the lobby. Odette gave me a call and within 15 minutes  was at the hotel picking her and her daughter Ines up, taking them to Pedal the Peaks to get them set up with some primo bikes. We departed from there and headed north along the Animas River Trail to Overend park. Both ladies do a fair share of riding in Holland and we were able to ride some great trails covering a lot of terrain. Odette owns a company that runs wine tours all through Europe, and we exchanged info so that Tracy and I may be on the other end of a tour.

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