Decided to take Matt out to Twin Buttes for the second tour of the day Friday. A former Cat 2 road racer from Oregon, we set out to ride 4 hours. About an hour in, the skies opened up and the rain dumped. Surprisingly enough the trails shed the water extremely well, but we got soaked and muddy. Once we popped out of the Buttes system and headed east, we discovered the rain was isolated to the west and did not hit town or the other trail networks. Great for us so we could continue the ride in OMP, up around FLC, and drop into the Gulch. Don’t have a lot of pics of Matt because one, he was so fast, right behind me the whole time, and two, I was soaked for half the ride and my camera was as well. We ended up riding 3 hours, 23 m and 2,400 feet. I’m sure I’ll be riding with Matt again since he was in Durango dropping his daughter off at Fort Lewis College.