We had our first client from Japan this weekend, a former mtb racer from the early 90’s, Yoshitaka Fukuda. Fukuda had just completed 25 days hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He loves and knows a lot about the history of mtb racing, and he made a point to get to Durango, the mtb capital of the world, and ride. I was sure to give him a taste of all the different trail systems, covering 25 miles over 4 hours. Once again 2nd Ave Sports came through, hooking him up with a sweet Santa Cruz 5010. Our last stop was to Mountain Bike Specialist so Fukuda could check out the mtb history with bikes on display going back to Ned’s 1985 Schwinn up to the bike local Howard Grotts rode in the Rio Olympics. Can’t wait get to Japan and have Fukuda show me around.