From One Cool Town to Another

Durango is such a cool mountain town that often gets compared to others. One of those towns is Asheville, NC, current home of Kevin and Harli. The similarities are many, like sweet trails in town, amazing trails near by, a river running through it, and a plethora of sweet breweries. Biggest difference is Durango’s pop is 18k and Asheville is about 95k. Kevin and Harli, college sweethearts that met at Wake Forest, definitely knew their way around trails and how to ride. We crushed 20 miles in 3hrs on some of Durango’s goods. Super fun couple!

The Techno Generation

I was fortunate enough to introduce the sport of mountain biking to Paul and Brenda who currently reside in San Fransisco, CA. Paul, originally from Spain is an engineer for Facebook, and Brenda, from LA, is a product manager for a small tech start up. The two are doing a tour of several cool mountain towns out west, and of course when in Durango, one MUST try mountain biking. Happy to report both riders did amazing and are well on their way.

El Paso Passing Through

Had a fun time with Ashley and her son Cato on a tour Saturday. Originally from Colorado but now living in El Paso, TX, the duo were super stoked to be back in the mountains enjoying the mild temperatures. Ended up doing a good ten mile loop with both in OMP, then taking Cato on another ten miles through the Gulch and around the Rim. Good times for sure!

Wayne and Mia

Had a wonderful ride with Wayne and Mia who were visiting from Springfield, Missouri. Wayne has been riding for about 20 years, and Mia just about 6 months now. Typically when we know we have a split in experience levels, we will send an additional guide in order to accommodate both riders. For this tour I brought in our guide Brian to help out. We all started out together but quickly decided I would take Mia in a more mellow ride, while Brian and Wayne, fellow Army and Marine Veterans respectively, would do a more robust ride. In the end it all worked out great, and each rider had a remarkable time with a ride tailored just to them.

Girls Trip

Mother and Daughter, Stacy and Kelsey decided to take a girls trip together through Colorado and Utah. Stacy has a passion for mountain biking and wanted to share that with Kelsey who hasn’t done much trail riding. What better way to introduce her daughter to mountain biking then calling in the pros at DMBT? And, what better trail system to take a beginner on than Spur Line? And, what better guide to help me than my wife Tracy? All in all it was a great ride and experience.

Fort Lewis Bound

A lot of times we can accommodate groups on short notice. That was the case Saturday when Tammy called in the morning. She and her friend Joy were in town from Alaska and Fort Collins with their boys Corbin, Paul and Lucas, visiting Fort Lewis College. Paul and Corbin will be attend FLC this fall. The group was looking for a little adventure so just a few hours after that call, we were on the single track ripping it up. Finished off with a few laps on the BMX track!

Glade Run Recreation Area

The Glade Run Recreation Area is comprised of 19,000 acres of sandy arroyos, slick rock, and rolling terrain. Approximately 42 miles of marked trails are available to mountain bikes which DMBT is the only guide service to have permits from the BLM for. These trails include the classic Road Apple course, one of the longest running mountain bike races, as well as newer trails like Wild Bill, Seven Sisters, and Rigor Mortis. If you have not ridden here, or it’s been a while, hit us up

Welcome Back

DMBT’s Mission Statement is “Make friends every ride.” That is certainly true with our good friend Michelle from Tennessee. Michelle’s first tour with us was September 2014. Since then we have been on more than half dozen rides together. She’s a great rider with family ties to Durango that keeps her coming back each year. Happy to be able to keep introducing new trails to her such as Phils World this past weekend. Until the next time, Cheers!

Spring Time Tours

Nothing beats springtime in the Southwest. Snow in the high country to get those last days in on the slopes, and single track drying out down low just itchin to be ridden. While more and more town trails in Durango become ride ready, we are so happy to be the only guide company with permits to lead tours on the fast, flowy, fun trails at Phils World, Alien Run, and Glade Area trail system, all 30-40 minutes from Durango. The Webb family, Tony, Micah, Hollis, and Titus, great riders from Georgia, can check Phils off the “must ride” list.

Making Family Memories

It’s always special leading families on tours. With the great weather we’ve been having in Durango it’s allowed us to start guiding on the trails in town. Thursday we took out David, Sara, and their son Gavin. We covered about 15 miles in 3 hours hitting some primo single track. Friday David and Gavin went out with us again, this time riding Alien Run.