Durango. It’s on every mountain bike bucket list. Hundreds of miles of singletrack and amazing scenery.


You could come here and try and find that perfect trail, stopping at every intersection and pulling out a map, hoping that you pick the right route…or you can save a lot of time and frustration and leave it to the pros!

Durango Mountain Bike Tours can customize a ride for you that will match the trails and terrain to your skill and excitement level. We offer rides for the entire family, from the beginner to the hardcore enthusiast.

Not only do we guide you on the best trails around, we also show you proper riding techniques so you can become the rider you want to be.

Durango Mountain Bike Tours is owned and operated by local residents John Robinette and Jim Mackay who have many decades of cycling experience and thousands of hours riding the trails in and around Durango. We promise to make your trail ride enjoyable and memorable.