We offer a variety of tours, with something for every experience level. From a first timer to a seasoned vet, let us show you the best mountain biking experience that Durango has to offer for your skill level!

    With over 30 years of riding experience and 20 years of exploring trails around the Durango area, we will help you take your ride to the next level. Learn more about our Tours, the locations, and the types of rides that we offer…

    photo-6We like to customize every ride to fit each individual or family. There are seven main trail systems in and surrounding Durango, all a few minutes bike ride from downtown. Twin Buttes, Dalla Mountain Park, Animas Mountain, Overend Mountain Park, Rim/Natures/Powerline Trails, Horse Gulch, and the Telegraph/ Grandview system all offer unique riding features and terrain with something to please everyone.

    We can also take you north to the high country to ride some stunning high alpine trails like Hermosa Creek  and Colorado Trail from Kennebec  Pass down.  Contact us today to discuss your level and the type of ride you are looking for. We offer expert coaching to take your mountain biking to the next level.

    The Town and Trail Tour. Never  ridden single track on a mountain bike? We have the perfect tour for you.  We start by teaching you the basics and will  introduce you to the mountain bike, gears, balance, turning, braking and more. Then we will hit the town and some beginner single track like Perin’s Gulch and the Meadow Loop as we wind our way around the town of Durango along bike paths, back roads, and neighborhoods, getting to see many historical sights, and the town from a locals perspective. This tour covers 15 miles, 1,200 feet elevation gain and takes 2-3 hours to complete.


    The ULTIMATE LOOP. Want the ultimate single track tour of Durango? Once again we have the perfect tour for you. This tour is for the expert rider and can take 4-5 hours or longer. We will start at the newest trail system in Durango, Twin Buttes, working our way west and north through Overend Park to Dalla Mountain Park and Animas Mountain. After a quick break at Zia Taqueria or Durango Brewing Company, we’ll hit the trails on the east end of town, making our way up and around the Fort Lewis College campus as we head to Horse Gulch. From there the options are endless, picking pristine lines, heading up and over Telegraph Trail, finishing with a 4 mile 750 foot decent ending south of town.  If you’d  like to quench your thirst, we’ll make one last stop at the Ska Brewing Company’s World Headquarters to sample some of Durango’s finest craft brews before completing the Ultimate Loop. All told this complete tour of Durango single track  will cover approximately 50 miles and 5,000 feet elevation gain. photo-7Please call to discuss this trip in detail and pricing.

    As you can see we offer tours from both ends of the spectrum, and can set you up for anything in between. Call us today to discuss your custom ride.

    DMBT offers 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour, or more rides. We will take one person, or up to as many as you like.


    With 20 years of coaching youth, high school, and college kids, John, a certified youth sports administrator,  can set up a training/coaching program for your child(ren). Call to discuss a specific individualized 2, 4, 0r 6 week program. Whether  training for races, improving bike handling, or just getting out and enjoying the trail, we can take care of you. We are committed to Durango’s local youth mountain bike riders, and will offer very reasonable rates.

    We have very competitive rates: (prices are for clients with their own bikes)

    2 hr                        3 hr                       4 hr

    $90                         $130                   $170        1 Person

    $80                         $100                   $120        2 – 5 people

    $70                         $90                     $100        6 or more

    Prices are per person

    No Bike, No Worries. We can set you up with the latest high end, recent model mountain bikes. Just let us know your height, weight, and bike preference, and we will have one waiting for you upon arrival. Rental includes helmet and a water bottle.

    Prices :

    26″ Hard Tail (with front shocks)  1/2 day 4 hours,  full day 8 hoursphoto-2

    1/2 Day   $20

    1 Day        $25

    2 Day        $21

    26 ” Full Suspension

    1/2 Day   $26

    1 Day        $32

    2 Day        $30

    29 ” Full Suspension

    1/2 Day   $30

    1 Day        $35

    2 Day        $32